Don’t Write to go Viral, Just Write to Write

Don’t worry about being a major success, just write to write.

Jacob K Thomas
5 min readAug 15, 2022


Illustration by Pikisuperstar from Freepik

What’s your desire? You do have a desire for your life, right? Everyone has hopes, dreams, and things that they really want to do in life. What about that article you wrote, you know the one that you think was your best work yet? Were you expecting these great results, but it just fell completely flat?

I think we’ve all been there, I’m there all the time. At a certain point, I finally recognized what I think we all should. I’m never going viral and I’m totally fine with that. I mean what does it mean to go viral anyway? The literal definition is if you get something to spread across the internet, social media, email, etc. The thing is, I’ve given up on that hope. I have so many different things to care about each day. I just don’t worry if something I write about on medium, a recipe I put up on a cooking site, or a tweet that I post is going to make any traction. Mainly because I know it’s not going to move a needle.

The one thing that I did post was a retweet of the video with the uncensored version of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. I got a lot of likes, but beyond that short wave, nothing else. Again, I’m just fine with that. I’m real with myself. I’ll keep trying, but I know that I’m not going to be able to get anything special done.

That’s the thing for you to realize as well. You aren’t going to make it as a big internet success, your writing isn’t going to move a lot of needles, but it doesn’t mean you should ever stop trying. I was reading an article where the author said you can’t be everything to everyone. I agree with that completely. This is the same idea, the chances of you writing the best post that’s going to get picked up by everyone is probably at about 3%. I’m being generous, but it’s most likely 1% or less.

Now that we’ve gotten real with ourselves. The next step is to still go at it hard. I might think I’m never going to make anything big out of anything I do online, but the idea is still to take the steps to accomplish something.

What does that look like?

The first thing is to still post as much as possible. Recently due to my lovely life, my mind hasn’t been…



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