The 3 Best Tips to Improve Your Frying Immediately

Jacob K Thomas
6 min readMay 30, 2022

Do These 3 things and you’ll have the best tasting food period.

Photo by Rani George on Unsplash

Do you hear that? The sizzle, that hissing sound, the popping, oh the popping. These are sounds that cooks know all too well. If you cook a lot, you know how to handle yourself in the kitchen. You can sauté, sear, and even grill some really great things, can’t you?

The thing is, how well do you do when it comes to deep-frying? I know, deep-frying in a lot of cases isn’t really admired. Society feels it’s not healthy. A lot of people make it appear to be unsafe. Not to mention, why would you bother wanting to deep fry, or fry anything when you can just go out and buy that food made by someone else?

These are all very valid points, the thing is, learning how to do new things is fun. It’s very exciting, also, it can save you money. It can also impress a lot of people. If that’s something, you even care about. I’ve been frying things for a long time. While doing it, I’ve had a lot of trial and error that have come about.

With just about anything, it takes practice. While I’ve been learning, I’ve come to understand that frying food has several very key components. These are the components that will make your fried food the best or will make you look like someone who shouldn’t be cooking. I know that as time has gone on, I’ve learned and realized my mistakes. That is also something you need to come to grips with.

We all make mistakes in the kitchen. Those mistakes and failures are what make us the best cooks around. You should come with the mindset of, if you aren’t failing, then you aren’t learning. Screwing something up is the best thing. Not everything is going to be perfect. If you think you are going to be perfect, then I can’t do anything for you. This is mainly because you live in a different reality than the rest of us.

Frying can be hard, but it’s not impossible. To achieve frying success, these are the three things I think you need to understand to take your frying to the next level.

The Vessel, i.e., what you are frying in.

Imagine you want to fry some fries or some fish. You look up your recipe or you have something that you know you want to try. This is great, but…

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